Do you already know the different beetles?

You have probably seen them in the garden, and you may have thought about controlling May beetles or keeping other beetles out of the garden. But they are actually really nice creatures. But when you are growing fruits or vegetables. Then you’d rather not have them around, of course. You have a huge amount of beetles and critters living in your yard. And maybe you already know some of them, and maybe some you don’t. But then we are going to introduce you to these little critters.

Which beetles are there?

You have carrion beetles, bastard weekling beetles (yes that’s a mouth full) and leaf beetles. But besides that you also have a rose beetle, raspberry beetles and rove beetles. You may have heard of some of them, and you may not know some of them. But we are now going to mention one that you are guaranteed to know and that you have also seen, held and let over your hand many times. This may sound very strange and you are not thinking about letting a beetle walk on your heme at the moment. But we all love this little bug a little bit. We are talking about a ladybug. Everyone knows them, whether they are red with black dots or orange or yellow. We’ve all seen them once.

But beyond these beetles that we’ve already mentioned and the one that everyone knows. Let’s go on listing because there are still a lot of beetles. There are beetles, ground beetles, but also snail eaters. You have weevils, mock longhorn beetles (yes, those are also beetles) and we have the stag beetles. We are all familiar with the latter. We may not have seen them once or found them in our yard, and we may have. But we’ve all probably heard of it. Even if it is during a biology lesson in high school. And who knows, when you have gone more in the biological direction with your studies, you have heard several of these names and you also know what a water predator beetle is and that there is a fire beetle.

But if you don’t understand this, then you’re actually surprised how many different beetles actually exist.

Author: Lidia